Rainy Days Carry Me Off to Paris

Living in the desert, a rainy day is rare enough that when experienced, I have always felt like it has a lot of weight.  The weight of memories, emotions, and thoughts that may have experienced during another rainy day.  These days tend to have my mind drift to the beautiful moments I have had in Paris with my wife.  Today is a rainy day in Tucson so I decided to share the recording I made of a performance of Ave Maria at Église Saint-Paul-Saint-Louis.  We attended this beautiful classical music concert during our September 2017 trip after seeing a flyer for it posted on a light pole.  Every concert we have found this way has been magical, and this one did not disappoint.  I will not be able to do it justice so please read a better account by visiting RueDeVarenne.com

After an orchestral performance intermission, a soprano appeared.  The strings of the orchestra began to play and my heart felt harpooned like nothing else I have ever felt before, and when the vocalist began to sing, I felt submerged in some sort of beautiful enlightenment.  I will never forget the performance, and one of my treasures is the recording I made of that performance.  I share this beautiful performance with the world hoping it will inspire some level of response the way it did for me sitting in that church in September during a cloudy day in Paris.

J’espère que tu apprécies.